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The latest marine radiation plume simulation from ASR LTD shows that the radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown has now reached northern Hawaii.

This should come as no surprise considering the fact that it was originally disclosed shortly after the disaster that the (plume would reach Hawaii within about 1 year and California in 2 to 3 years).

Please note this simulation, as explained below, shows only the extent of where the particles in radioactive plume have traveled.

It does not attempt to estimate the dilution of the radiation since such estimates are currently impossible due to refusal by TEPCO and the government of Japan to release critical scientific data required to calculate the concentration of the plume.

Also note that the simulation only takes into account the (million gallons)of radioactive water TEPCO purposefully dumped into the ocean.

That water was later found to have been (7.5 million times the legal limit) and the dumping was done after TEPCO was (“Stongly urged to do so by the US government").

Since then TEPCO has reported on numerous occasions that they (lack on-site storage space)and may need to dump even more radioactive waste into the Pacific ocean.

The simulation also doesn’t account for any of the “run-off” radiation from TEPCO spraying the reactors with water cannons to keep the nuclear fuel cool.

It can not account for any contamination in the ocean from pieces of the nuclear fuel rods that were scattered all over the area after a series of massive explosions at the plant.

It does not account for the run off of (radioactive sewage) which is piling up all over Japan, running off into the ocean and resoluting in a (layer of cesium sludge)on the bottom Tokyo bay which is now over 10 inches thick.

It can not account for the (cloud of nuclear ash)that has rained down on the country from numerous incinerators being used to dispose radioactive waste by burning it.



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