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Residents in Durban have been urged to stay indoors as a massive storm hit the coastline on Tuesday morning.

eThekwini Municipality put out a warning calling on all to remain in safety until the storm, which is expected to subside around 14:00 wreaks havoc on the city.

"Due to the inclement weather conditions currently being experienced in Durban, all residents are urged to stay indoors until the storm passes. Residents are also cautioned against driving or walking anywhere for the duration of the storm."

The city said that the current wind has been measured at 70km/h, "and is extremely dangerous.

"All roads in the southern parts of Durban have been closed," the city said.

EMS spokesperson Robert Mckenzie told News24 that localised flooding meant many roads were closed.

"At this stage the eThekwini area is most affected. Localised flooding, multiple roads are closed. There have been multiple cases of injuries."

 He said there were unconfirmed reports that one woman had died.

"A combined EMS response government and other resources have the situation under control. Do not drive on the roads. If you have to, drive slower and maintain a following distance. If you see water gushing across the road do not attempt to cross it."

Thus far, reports of the M4, N2 south and localised flooding in suburban areas have been reported.

The city said that its Disaster Management Call Centre was experiencing high call volumes.

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