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Ecuador has been hit again by a powerful earthquake measuring 6.7.

It happened Wednesday in the same area where powerful quakes struck last month, which killed more than 650 people, injured more than 16,000, and caused more than $2 billion in damage.

The tremor did not produce significant damage, but some people lost power and started running into the streets.  Very little damage was reported. President Rafael Correa sent out a message to the public.

“Keep calm everyone,” he tweeted, adding there was no tsunami warning.

The epicenter was 100 miles northwest of the capital of Quito.

China was also hit with an earthquake Wednesday in the Yunnan Province in the southwest part of the country. There were no reports of casualties.

Philippines News Agency said the quake caused cracks in buildings, damaging 2,000 houses.

These recent quakes are part of a growing number being felt around the world.  Over the weekend, there was a 3.9 magnitude tremor near Gerlach, Nevada. It was measured at a magnitude 3.9 and was the largest in a cluster of 300 quakes which has rocked the area in the past few weeks.

Gerlach, which is about 75 miles north of Reno, sits near large faults.

There have been several earthquakes in Japan recently, as reported by TRUNEWS and in other regions of the Pacific, known as the “Ring of Fire”.

UPDATE: Around 1 p.m. ET Wednesday, another earthquake hit Rosa Zarate, measuring a 6.8.  It is close to the area where the last tremors occured.

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