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A 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean on July 29, 2016.

The major quake was followed by a series of 4 smaller ones within an hour. No tsunami warning has been issued.

The quake occurred at a depth of 117 miles (212 km) some 19 miles south-southwest of the uninhabited island of Agrihan in the U.S. territory at 20:20 UTC.

No tsunami warning has been issued. But a barely noticeable wave of about two inches was recorded in Saipan, the largest of the islands.

The quake was felt in the neighboring territory of Guam with Twitter user @JRaemier telling it woke her up:

The USGS reported four smaller earthquakes in the Mariana Islands area over the next hour: M4.4, M4.9, M4.5, M4.5.


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