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The Shifting of the Earth's Poles Has Begun,as predicted by Edgar Cayce in 1936.

NOVA, the PBS television program from WGBH in Boston, reported startling discoveries about our planet’s electromagnetic poles and fields. The program was titled “Magnetic Storm” and was written and produced by David Sington. The reason this is of interest to us is that Edgar Cayce predicted that the beginning of the New Age would coincide with a pole shift.

In this NOVA show, scientists explained:“2,000 miles beneath our feet is the Earth’s molten core. Here a vast ocean of liquid iron generates an invisible force, the Earth’s magnetic field. It’s what makes our compasses point north. But it does a lot more: it helps to keep the Earth a living planet. Our neighbors, Venus and Mars, have only weak magnetic fields, which means they’re unprotected from the deadly radiation sweeping through the solar system. The Earth, on the other hand, exists within a vast magnetic cocoon, a force-field that for billions of years has sheltered us on our journey through space.”

But now scientists have made a startling discovery: it seems there’s a storm brewing deep within the Earth, a storm that is weakening our vital magnetic shield. Peter Olson at Johns Hopkins University explained that “the Earth’s magnetic field has been our protector for millennia, and now, it appears, it’s about to go away.”

John Shaw of the University of Liverpool explains: “Pottery acts just like a magnetic tape recorder. It records the Earth's magnetic field when the pottery is first made.” The intense heat in the kiln erases all the magnetic regions. But as the pot begins to cool, new magnetic regions form in the magnetite. And as the regions reform, they align with the Earth's magnetic field, just like compass needles. With millions of tiny magnets all pointing in the same general direction, the pot itself becomes slightly magnetic. Once it has cooled, the magnetism is locked in. “So if we take an ancient pot, when it cooled for the first time, it cooled in the Earth’s ancient magnetic field and it became magnetized in that field. And of course, if the field’s very strong, then the pot’s strongly magnetized, and if the field’s very weak, then the pot’s weakly magnetized,” Shaw explained. By examining pottery from prehistory to modern times, Shaw has discovered just how dramatically the field has changed in the last few centuries. “When we plot the results from the ceramics, this is what we see: gentle changes as we come forward in time over twelve thousand years – a gentle rise – and then a rapid fall, as we come towards the present day. The rate of change is higher over the last three hundred years than it has been for any time in the past five thousand. It’s going from a strong field down to a weak field, and it's doing it very quickly.” In three hundred years the field has fallen 10 percent. And the rate of decline is increasing. In just a few centuries it could be gone altogether.

Cayce indicated that the pole shift would become apparent at the beginning of the 21st Century. The NOVA show revealed that the shift has indeed begun in the South Atlantic Ocean region, between Africa and South America. Here the north-south polarity is fluctuating back and forth, weakening the shield against solar radiation. During the pole shift process, the planet’s electromagnetic shield will no longer channel the solar winds to our current poles, where few people live. The Northern and Southern lights are a result of radiation moving to the poles. Since radiation causes many problems, the weakening of the shield is a concern. A weak magnetic shield also means that the Northern and Southern lights will be seen all around the planet, even along the equator. It may be a beautiful, wondrous, visionary time for Earth but not a healthy time for many of its inhabitants.



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