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POINT PLEASANT, West Virginia — American Distribution company, Virgil Films, is set to release a new documentary film on Feb. 22 that will feature the controversial and legendary Mothman.

According to a news release from Red Line Studios, Inc., Eyes of the Mothman is the first comprehensive feature documentary on the mysterious events that surrounded the area in 1966. During this time, hundreds of people reported seeing a flying angelic man that was later dubbed by local press as “The Mothman.” The unusual occurrences have been the inspiration for a best selling book in 1975, The Mothman Prophecies, by John Keel and a Hollywood narrative starring Richard Gere of the same title in 2002.

Now, the subject matter has become the focus of an extensive documentary that contains never before seen footage, exclusive eye witness testimonies and interviews, new evidence and alternative theories that may finally put the daunting mystery to rest. Although Virgil Films is no stranger to acquiring contentious subject matter, such as their distribution of the 2004 film Super Size Me, this time they may be getting more than they bargained for.

Red Line Studios, Inc., the production company behind the project that took nearly five years to complete, admitted that they waited until after negotiations were reached with the distributor to reveal some of the films darker secrets. Eyes of the Mothman is one of the first programs to explore many details of the Mothman lure that others have opted to leave out. For example, “The Cornstalk Curse,” an ancient Indian myth that many townspeople attribute years of unexplainable activity and tragic events to, is covered in detail in the film.

Eyes of the Mothman has been hailed by paranormal researchers and investigators familiar with the subject as being an authority on the Mothman case and the first extensive feature documentary to explore all sides of the story.

“I was a fan of the Richard Gere film from 2002 and as a filmmaker who had also read the John Keel book, understood that the multitude of crucial side stories found there could only be properly addressed in documentary format,” Matthew Pellowski, director said.

“Our goal was to leave no stone unturned and really do this story justice. It was important for us to produce a film that was honest and unbiased and reflected the people this story is about with sincerity,” Anastasia Konstantinou, executive producer, said.

Eyes of the Mothman will be released Feb. 22 through Virgil Films Entertainment and is produced by Red Line Studios, Inc. Additional Information is available at the following Web sites, Red Line Studios; Eyes of the Mothman; and Virgil Film Sent.


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