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In recent weeks the internet has been inundated with [news reports and videos]depicting strange and bewildering sounds coming from the skies. These sounds have been described by some as "apocalyptic" a forewarning to the world that events of a catastrophic nature are going to take place on earth. These mysterious sounds have been heard in all four corners of the world.

On Feb 11, several images were posted to a [Russian TV/Media Blog] of what appears to be a second sun. The images are quite revealing, and apparently are showing a planetary object in front and to the bottom left of the sun. These stunning images have also been posted to [Youtube].

We should ask ourselves the following questions when viewing these images. Are these photographs depicting the presence of a rogue planet in our solar system, the dreaded Planet X (Nibiru) that millions of poeple have feared and anticipated would appear? Is it possible that the presence of a large planetary body in our solar system could be influencing the bizarre and highly unusual earth and climate changes affecting the Earth in recent times? Could it's presence in the skies also explain the mysterious sounds that many people are hearing in countries across the globe?

There are just too many strange things happening today for us to just dismiss them as irrational, or illogical or beyond comprehension. There are things both on Earth and in the Heavens that defy scientific explanations, could this be one?

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