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Unnerving footage of a pavement appearing to take a series of deep breaths has emerged online.

The clip shows the 'possessed' paved dockyard in Cadimare, Italy, rising and falling from the 'force of the tide', local media reports.

Despite claims that the movement is caused by waves beneath the pathway, some people remain unconvinced, claiming that the video was made courtesy of 3D computer graphics.

At the beginning of the footage, which was uploaded to Viral Hog, the affected dockway remains still with a barrier placed above it.

After a few seconds, viewers can hear waves as the pavement begins to lurch upwards before resettling.

According to Nine Msn, the force of the tide coming into the coastal town in the Gulf of La Spezia is apparently so strong that it causes parts of the floor in the centre to move.

People have claimed online that the moving pavement is actually down to Gozer the Destroyer from Ghostbusters, who haunts the ground.

Despite several comments stating that the dockyard's movement is caused by the water beneath it, many remain sceptical.

One YouTube user, Lucassnakesman said: 'That's either some amazing special effects or something really f***** up is going on.

Another said: 'It's not real. Look at the legs of the steel barrier, they're 3D computer graphics.'


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