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For decades mysterious sounds have been ringing across our skies from America, to Russia, to Ukraine, to multiple other countries. Some of these sounds have been proven to be hoaxes, while others have no explanation in site.

In addition to the bizarre sounds from the sky, sounds are also emanating from the depths of the ocean. While some of these sounds can be explained by ice scraping across the surface, others have no explanation.

But these are not the only sounds, now frequencies are ringing from space. According to the most recent study, Fast Radio Bursts—a high-energy astrophysical phenomenon manifested as a transient radio pulse that lasts a few milliseconds—are repeatedly radiating from a single location. At this time scientists are baffled as to what it could be and speculations range from aliens, to supernovas, to neutron stars.

Considering the fact that mysterious sounds are filling our skies, seas, and the universe, one must address the question, is there a link in these sounds? Could they all have a common source? What is it that is causing all this chaos? The video below answers all those questions and more!

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