Flood Disasters

  • Biblical Floods Hit Egypt and Israel

    Storms and floods of biblical proportions have engulfed Egypt, Israel and the Middle East for the second day in a row on Friday.

    The rare and unusually powerful surface cyclone and frontal system hit the Middle East on Thursday afternoon, delivering torrential rain, destructive winds, and sandstorms and killing at least 21.

    The apocalyptic storms interrupted daily life in much of the country, including the capital Cairo.

    Most of the victims were in rural areas and slums. At least six children died either from electrocution or when their houses collapsed and buried them.

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The satellite imagery from March 13, 3030 of this rare cyclone features an impressive frontal system and huge sandstorms engulfing northern Saudi Arabia:

The Egyptian government advised Egyptians to stay home and declared a state of emergency, shutting down schools, government offices, Luxor International Airport, Nile River cruises and three seaports (Alexandria, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada).

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The floods also forced the country’s railway authorities to suspend train service nationwide.

Late on Thursday, Cairo’s Water Authority announced it had suspended water service to the entire megacity because heavy rain had overwhelmed the vast sewage system.

Power outages were also reported in several parts of the country, including parts of Cairo.

Authorities in neighbouring Israel have issued flooding and strong wind warnings (over 100 km/h or 62 mph)



  • Biblical Floods Leave Thousands Homeless as Pandemic Worsens

    Swollen rivers caused by heavy spring rainfall have inundated residential areas in the cities and villages of provinces of Hormozgan, Fars, Bushehr, Qom, Gilan, Kerman, and Sistan and Baluchestan, already overwhelmed by the Corona outbreak.

    While C19 continues to wreak havoc across Iran, Iran’s Emergency Medical Service announced on Monday that flooding caused by torrential rains in several provinces has killed at least 12 people and injured 17 people.

    The severe flooding also displaced thousands.

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    The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) and other organizations are carrying out rescue and relief operations in the flood-hit provinces.

    Heavy rainfalls have forced the authorities in a number of cities to declare state of emergency and order the evacuation of people from residential areas.

    Governor of the port city of Chabahar in southeast Iran said torrential rains over the past 24 hours have caused serious damages to the urban and rural infrastructures of the region.

  • Four months of Rain Falls on Spain in 24 Hours

    Torrential rains led to flash flooding in the coastal parts of Valencia, Spain, on Tuesday, March 31 into April 1, 2020. Up to 147 mm (5.8 inches) of rain fell in the region-- four times the average rainfall for this time of the year, which is 34 to 39 mm (1.3 to 1.5 inches). Castellon was also hit bad after recording up to 150 mm (5.9 inches) of rain-- its highest daily rainfall since 1976.

    The Castellon region has been affected badly, as well as the towns of Almassora, Burriana, and Villafranca. Inundations were worsened by the runoff of rainwater from the Desert de Les Palmes mountains, which rise inland to the city's northern area.

    Many properties were damaged and people were forced to evacuate. Firefighters rescued 91 residents who were trapped in their homes or vehicles in more than 40 operations-- mostly in Almassora, but also in Borriana and Oropesa del Mar.

    In Almassora, the city council has provided accommodation to around 20 people affected by the flooding along the coast.

    Together with firefighters, the local police, municipal maintenance, logistic service, and the civil guard were involved in the clearing of accumulated floodwater in the streets of the municipality's beach.

    Mayor Merche Gali assured people that the council will facilitate their temporary displacement until the beach goes back to normal.

    On Wednesday, Castellon received its highest daily precipitation since 1976 after 150 mm (5.9 inches) of rain, according to AEMET spokesperson Ruben del Campo.

    It also surpassed values of rainier seasons, such as those of early autumn or late summer, del Campo added.

    The municipality of La Pobla Tornesa registered 197.6 mm (7.7 inches) of rain in a 24-hour period to Wednesday, while Vilafames saw 48 mm (1.9 inches).

    Other areas also broke rainfall records, including Atzeneta where 133 mm (5.3 inches) of rain fell-- the highest since AEMET started record-keeping in 1948.

    "Never in this period and in the month of March had It rained so much," said physicist Melchor Rovira. "It is not normal for such torrential rains to occur outside of autumn. If this falls in the autumn, with the warm sea, there are no houses left. Now is when the sea temperature is colder and that complicates that more extreme episodes can occur."

    Meanwhile, cities in the southeastern region Murcia and Albacete were hit by hailstorms on March 30. This caused flooding in the towns of Caravaca de la Cruz and Hellin.

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  • Tsunami-like flash floods sweep across Aceh, Indonesia

    Apocalyptic Flash floods and landslides damaged dozens of houses in Central Aceh Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia, on 13 May.

    Several villages in Kebayakan District were affected, in particular Paya Tumpi where raging flood waters dragged vehicles through village streets. Several surrounding roads have been cut. Five people were injured in the floods.

    Initial damage assessments by disaster authorities showed 57 houses were damaged and 89 residents have been displaced.

    Heavy rain has affected the province for the last few days. On 08 May flooding affected parts of Aceh Besar Regency, where 190 families were displaced, and Aceh Jaya Regency, where 248 people were evacuated.

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