India Floods

  • Catastrophic Floods in India Affects Millions of People and Animals

    Flooding in India's northeastern state of Assam has affected over 3.9 million people, officials said Friday.

    The floods have hit 27 districts in the state.

    According to officials at Assam Disaster Management Authority, the ongoing flooding has affected 3,218 villages and damaged cropland spreading over 13 million hectares, besides affecting over 3.3 million animals.

    On Thursday, the floods claimed five lives, which took the death toll to 71.

    "In 27 affected districts of the state, a population of 3,979,563 has been affected," an official at Assam Disaster Management Authority said. "The floods have also affected cropland spread over 13,136,827 hectares, besides affecting 3,376,436 animals."

    According to officials, the incessant rains have also triggered landslides in several areas, wherein also 26 people were killed.

    The local government has set up relief centres and camps where over 49,000 people have taken shelter.

    Locals said the majority of the people were taking shelter in houses of their friends and relatives.

    The floods have fully damaged 20 houses and partially damaged 224 others.

    Kaziranga national park was inundated with flood water. Wildlife officials said 95 percent of the areas of the park remain submerged in the water. The park is the largest home to the one-horned rhinoceros in India.

    According to officials, 76 animals perished in floods, while 121 were rescued.

    India's forest and environment minister Prakash Javadekar hailed rescue of 121 animals in Kaziranga. Javadekar said creation of highlands was a key initiative undertaken during the last five years.

    "This year also we are creating more to save precious wildlife," he said.

    According to the Central Water Commission, all major rivers are flowing over the danger level. The flood water has damaged several bridges and roads.

    Apart from state disaster response force personnel, India's National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams were carrying out massive rescue operations in Assam.

  • Horrendous Floods Continue Across India, 13 Million Affected

    Extensive flooding from severe monsoon rains continues to impact much of India, with more than 13 million people affected and 771 fatalities as of August 7, 2020. More than half a million people have been evacuated in West Bengal, Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh.

    Since the onset of the monsoon, around 771 people have died across the country due to ongoing floods and rain-related incidents.

    Approximately 522 908 people have been displaced. The worst-affected states are Bihar, Assam, and Uttar Pradesh.

    In Bihar, more than 6.6 million have been affected and 19 have lost their lives. A total of 1 118 villages are reeling from the consequences of heavy rain.

    A total of 440 507 have been evacuated and 38 relief centers have been opened. So far, relief camps are housing 28 664 people.

    Over 5.6 million people from 30 districts have been suffering from widespread flooding in Assam. 107 fatalities due to flooding have been reported in the state, while landslides have claimed 26 lives.

    More than 5 000 villages were inundated and around 81 696 people have been evacuated. Floods have damaged around 260 000 ha (460 000 acres) of crops. 620 relief camps have been built, housing 156 874 people.

    Residents in Uttar Pradesh were also in grip of severe flooding as more than 50 000 people from 16 districts and 960 villages have been affected.

    Since July 1, six people were killed in rain-related disasters. 552 houses have been damaged. 956 relief camps have been set, accommodating 4 340 evacuees. About 38 000 ha (94 000 acres) of crops have been lost.

    Other states also affected are Kerala with 28 casualties, Tamil Nadu with 18, and Madhya Pradesh with 68. At least 10 teams from the National Disaster Response Force are currently assisting people in the affected states.

    More heavy rain is forecast over much of India and very heavy rain is expected over western states and southwestern coastal areas on Saturday, August 8.

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