• Fireball Explodes Above Norway, Meteorite Impact Recorded

    A bright fireball exploded over Norway at 23:21 UTC on January 4, 2021 (00:21 LT, January 5), producing a loud bang that was heard by many people, particularly those in Ullensaker. Norwegian Seismic Array (NORSAR) said ground impact was recorded at 23:24 UTC, 15 to 20 km (9 - 12.4 miles) S of their measuring station at Løten.

    On Tuesday, residents in Norway reported a bright fireball with a loud bang as the object entered the atmosphere. The sound was heard by people in the municipality of Ullensaker.

    According to the Norwegian meteor network, the object traveled at a speed of 50 000 km/h (31 000 mph).

    The meteor penetrated very far into the atmosphere and gave a fairly powerful bang, an indicator that meteorites have fallen to the ground, said Steinar Midtskogen with the meteor network.

    "The signal came from a southern direction and coincides with reports of sound heard by people in Ullensaker municipality," NORSAR wrote in a press release.

    The Blue arrow shows the meteor's visible movement over the terrain. Image credit: Norsk Meteor Nettverk

    The agency noted that the meteorite possibly weighed up to 2 kg (2.2 lbs). However, researchers said it may be a challenge to find the meteorite.

    "It would have been fun to find it, but it requires first and foremost luck to find a meteor deep in the forest," said Tormod Kværna with NORSTAR.

    "We are talking about very small rocks, and if they end up somewhere out in the woods and there is snow, then it is almost hopeless to find now," Midtskogen added.

    "There is an area of ​​several square kilometers that must be searched. I reckon that there may be some smaller meteorites here at a few hundred grams maybe, so it will be a bit like the needle in the haystack. We are talking about stones the size of an apple or smaller."

    Norsk Meteor Nettverk videos:

    In an update posted on January 11, NORSAR said ground impact signal was recorded at 23:24:36 UTC -- 15 to 20 km (9 - 12.4 miles) S of their measuring station at Løten in Innlandet -- around Eidsfjellet, east of Tangen, and west of Flisa.

    The yellow line shows the track of the meteor and the marker NORSAR's station.

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  • Giant Meteor Crashes into Chinese City, Sending Shockwaves

    Meteor Incident Update Dec 27, 2020

    According to a report published by dnaindia.coma major disaster took place in China when a huge ball of fire fell from the sky and crashed into the north-western city Yushu on Wednesday.

    A huge explosion was heard after the fireball hit the ground, sending shockwaves across the city.

    In a video shared on YouTube, the giant fireball can be seen flashing across the sky over the county of Nangqian in north-western China’s Qinghai province.

    At present, there is no clear information about this fireball nor has the cause behind it falling from the sky has been discovered. However, the local media of China has raised the possibility that a glowing meteorite has dropped.

    At the same time, some experts are also considering it as a meteorite.

    A local citizen named Dan Ba said that he had witnessed this incident while taking his child to school. He said that this fireball was small at first, but after three minutes it became very big and bright.

    In the plane going from Xi'an to Lhasa, the passengers also saw this fireball falling towards the earth and shot videos. Many videos and photos of this mysterious incident are becoming viral on social media.

    The Earthquake Network Center of China has said that it has recorded the incident. It issued a statement saying that the suspected meteorite fell between Nangqian County and Yusu County at around 7.25 am. TheNangqian County government said that it had come to know about the case, but was not fully informed.

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