Sonic Boom

  • Daylight fireball traveling at 47,000 mph explodes over Vermont, creates shock wave vibration

    People called from all over the state Sunday, reporting a loud boom and a body-rattling vibration. What they were hearing and feeling was a meteor hitting the atmosphere.

    It was captured on WCAX’s camera at the Burlington International Airport - a bright fireball flying over northern Vermont around 5:40 p.m.

    (Meteor visible in upper left hand side of video)

    NASA Meteor Watch says it was moving at 47,000 mph. It traveled 33 miles from above Mount Mansfield State Forest to Beach Hill near Newport, before burning up.

    Here are some comments from Facebook users:

    Facebook user, CJ Hudson, had a similar experience. He said: "We heard a sonic boom followed by a dwindling rumble come from north by north east from here in the north east corner of Bristol [Connecticut]. I thought it sounded a little abnormal."

    Another eyewitness, Shannon Lemley-Willis, in Johnson, Vermont, said her kids were playing outside when the fireball passed overhead, with her children describing the noise as "big trucks crashing."

    Eyewitness Loretta King, who was in St. Albans, Vermont, at the time, said she was in her car and saw the bright yellowish glow of what she thought was a "missile in the sky," describing the sight as "amazing."

    Meanwhile, the largest and fastest asteroid of 2021 is quickly approaching with an expected flyby on March 21.

  • Powerful Meteor Explosion and Sonic Blast in Idaho

    A thunderous boom and flash in the sky was reported to police in southwest Idaho over the weekend that was picked up on at least one doorbell camera in the city of Eagle. Meteorologists that have viewed the footage say it could have resulted from a piece of space debris that entered the Earth's atmosphere.

    My first impression of the footage captured in Eagle on Friday night was that it looked like a large aerial firework. The fact that the object made such a loud noise that actually caused people in this neighborhood to scream out, kind of debunks that theory.

    Coming home from the Rock Creek lights in Hansen last Saturday night, my family and I witnessed a large fireball streak across the sky above Kimberly Road. It was enormous, and left a fiery trail that appeared to go for miles.

    The video was described as likely a meteorite that exploded upon entry into the Earth's atmosphere by one south Idaho weather professional. In the video, you can see what appears to be a ball of fire, followed by an explosion above one of the homes just down the street. A short time later, the sounds of excited neighbors can be heard.

    Several people in the Eagle area contacted police regarding the explosion, which occurred sometime in the early evening hours of December 11. The homeowner whose camera caught the event was preparing to walk his dog. No damage has been reported at this time.


    "Exceptional" Meteor Blast Triggers Shockwave and Seismic Shaking

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