Unexplained Mysteries

  • Birds Fall From the Sky in the Thousands Across Europe

    Birds literally fall dead from the sky across Europe, and nobody knows why.

    Thousands of dead swallows and swifts in Greece

    Scientists believe high winds over the last three days have killed or gravely injured thousands of swallows and swifts, migrating from Africa to Europe.

    The carcasses have been found in the streets of Athens, on apartment balconies in the capital, on Aegean islands and around a lake close to the seaport of Nauplia in the Peloponnese. Here a video of the living birds:

    The situation has been described as a major disaster.

    High wind, really? [Guardian]

    Hundreds of dead herons in Turkey

    The dead birds were found near the village of Köprışık.

    Residents and officials are scared as nobody really knows what’s behind the massive die-off.

    Pesticides? Poisoning? Bird flu? Samples are being analysed right now. [ajanimo]

    200 dead ducks in Denmark

    About 200 dead ducks have been found along the beaches on Læsø, Denmark and everybody is wondering if they died of bird flu. This is completely unheard of on the island.

    Four of the dead ducks have been tested for avian influenza, but all tested negative.

    So what’s behind this new mass die-off in Denmark? [TV2 Nord]

    1000 dead birds in the streets of Rome

    On February 5, 2020, hundreds of dead birds covered parts of Viale del Policlinico.

    Again, according to officials, the birds died when a tree collapsed due to strong winds across the capital city. [Bufale]

    So there is a clear increase in birds mysteriously dying and falling from the sky. But nobody really can’t tell the cause of these massive mass die-offs.

  • Hundreds of Lorikeets Drop Out of the Sky in Australia

    Hundreds of rainbow lorikeets have been paralysed and killed by a mysterious disease that is spreading at an alarming rate.

    The disease, known as lorikeet paralysis syndrome or clenched-foot syndrome, has left birds immobile on the sidewalks of suburban Brisbane, where they die horrific deaths.

    Darryl Jones from Griffith University explained the disease spreads similar to the C-virus through close contact in the community.

    Experts said the newly discovered lorikeet paralysis syndrome has killed hundreds of birds this season.

    Pictured are some of the 24 birds found dead under a single tree in Brisbane.

    They fight each other like crazy and when they are biting and breathing on each other they spread the virus,‘ he said.

    It’s very much like the corona itself, it’s brand new and we don’t know much about it and it seems to be happening where the birds are gathering in large numbers.

    Professor Jones said lorikeet paralysis syndrome slowly spreads through the body of the beloved Australian bird until their lungs seize and they suffocate.

    It starts in the feet so when they try and land on a branch they can’t hold on and then they just fall to the ground and within an hour they die,‘ he said.

    Professor Jones said initially experts feared lorikeets were being devoured alive by ants and predators but in most cases paralysis has killed the bird beforehand.

    He said Brisbane was currently the ‘epicentre’ for the new disease that was only discovered three years ago.

    The largest number seems to be in Brisbane but I’ve had about ten emails from people in Melbourne, Sydney and Rockhampton all describing exactly the same thing so it really might be much more widespread,‘ Professor Jones said. 

    It’s incredibly alarming there are hundreds of birds dying in a horrible way right no – I’ve been sent images of 24 birds under one tree all dead.

    Although there is little research on why the birds have been dying, veterinary reports have pointed towards foreign plants mutating in certain climate conditions.

    The vets have put it down to foraging resources and strangely it seems the African Tulip Tree may be one of the things responsible,‘ Professor Jones said.

    Professor Jones encouraged people not to feed lorikeets for the foreseeable future as it would increase the spread of the disease by gathering the birds close together.

    There is a vast amount of natural food available so the lorikeets do not need our food so,‘ he said. 

    I would recommend not feeding them right now for the welfare of the bird -at least for the moment.

  • Scietists Perplexed as Antarctic Pond Turns Purple

    In the last few weeks, there have been several reports of snow and water turning red, for example in Antarctica, Kazakhstan and in Russia.

    But, a few days ago, scientists were left completely baffled when a pond of water near Palmer Station has turned bright purple overnight…

    And they even asked Twitter for an explanation… Do you know why?

    Scott Hotaling, PhD student, came across the mysterious purple pond while working on Humble Island off the coast of Antarctica and known as an important birding habitat for penguins.

    The small lake is located near Palmer Station, is very close to the ocean and appears shallow.

    Could the purple color be linked to the nearby penguin colonies? Maybe.

    I would bet on a bloom of purple bacteria, like other scientists on Twitter:

    There are indeed many extreme microbes and bacteria that are commonly found in Antarctica and love to color water or ice in different colors. By the way, have you ever heard of the Blood Falls in Antarctica?

  • Strange sky sounds heard above Domodedovo, Russia

    Strange sounds were recorded by a resident of Domodedovo, Russia. The noise resembled a siren or the voice of a horror movie. Someone heard the wind in the strange sound... a warning about impending cataclysms.
    According to the author of the video, the strange noise started around 03:00 a.m. and lasted until approximately 03.40 a.m. The author of the video told MK reporters:

    The window was ajar. I already went to bed and heard these sounds. At first it seemed to me that this was howling dogs or something. I opened the window to the fullest, and the sound became clearer and very strange in nature. I have never heard anything like it before. All this lasted about 15 minutes.

    According to users of social networks, a similar anomalous noise has already been recorded in different corners of the planet, and it itself may be a harbinger of cataclysms or even an apocalypse.

    Director of the Institute for Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Peter Shebalin blames the planes for everything. According to him, the source of noise could be two flying aircraft, which created sound resonance.

    Shebalin's version seems quite realistic, but the problem is that due to the coronavirus pandemic, all international flights and most domestic flights have been practically stopped at the airport.

    It is worth noting that foreign scientists also could not give a meaningful explanation of the origin of these strange sounds, which have been recorded in different parts of the planet for more than ten years.

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