A rare occurrence was taken aback by vacationers on Praia do Cassino beach, the southernmost in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul and the longest (212 km) in the world. Meteo-tsunami hit one of its sections.

Suddenly arrived water washes away cars parked on a sandy strip. In addition, at this time, people swam in the ocean.

The site of Kazhydromet explains the nature of meteorological tsunamis. A decrease in atmospheric pressure of 1 mm entails an increase in sea level of 13 mm.

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Such conditions are characteristic of a cyclone. If it does not fill up and shift for a long time, then in its center, where minimal pressure is noted, a semblance of a small water hill is created.

With a sharp displacement or filling of the cyclone, this hill under the influence of gravity quickly settles and waves form. This type of tsunami occurred in the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

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