Residents from Western Australia to Victoria Australia have witnessed an amazing light show when the night sky turned glowing green as a huge asteroid blazed across Australia on June 14, 2020.

Australian skywatchers have been treated to a stunning show by what astronomers believe was a distant asteroid.

Residents from across Australia shared vision to social media of the object streaking across the sky on Sunday night, creating a green glow.

Night owls in a remote part of western Australia captured a stunning green fireball streaking across the night sky.

Astronomers believe it was “asteroid 2002 N-N-4,” which was scheduled to pass Earth around 11:20 p.m. on Sunday.

The asteroid, around 570 metres wide, was an estimated 5.2 million kilometres from Earth, but still created a spectacular light show. 

The asteroid was seen from Victoria to Western Australia and it created a stunning green glow in the sky as it passed by.

NASA had identified 958,703 asteroids, and said impacts with Earth can be expected every 200-300 years. 

Asteroids range in size from Vesta, the largest at about 530 kilometers in diameter, to bodies that are less than 10 meters across,‘ a NASA statement read.

We were lucky, asteroid 2002 NN4 was millions of kilometers away. The next time 2002 NN4 will be anywhere near this close to the Earth will be in June 2029.

The latest asteroid event over Australia just shows that our technology isn’t ready to hinder a catastrophic impact right now.

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