A huge meteor streaked in the skies above California, leaving onlookers stunned with one claiming it was "a close call".

Residents of California were stunned when a bright fireball boomed above them, producing stunning green colours. The meteor hit Earth's atmosphere on Sunday, September 6, above California, with dozens reporting the sighting.

Some Californians claimed it to be the best meteor sighting they had ever seen, while others were stunned by how close it seemingly came to ground

Almost 50 people reported the sighting to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO), with one video from a security camera showing the fireball in all its detail.

Robert told the IMO: "This one was huge. Never seen anything like it. I just happened to look up while sleeping on my balcony as saw this giant fireball fly by.

Megan said: "I've never seen a colour that vivid in my life.

"Very large and appeared super close & low in the sky, compared to meteor showers I've seen."

Mike said: "That was a close call that no one caught!"

Donna added: "It was a slightly orange around the outside of the ball while dark green with a green tail.

"I've never seen something so big or anything like this in my life time! It was beautiful!"

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