A U.S. weather satellite captured a stunning view of Monday morning's solar eclipse.

Only parts of far South America saw the moon's shadow as it eclipsed the sun. But a NOAA weather satellite caught images of the Earth as it happened, showcasing a beautiful and rare vantage point.

Today's total SolarEclipse was the only total solar eclipse of the year. Although it was mainly visible from Earth in parts of South America, #GOESEast had a perfect view of the moon's shadow moving across the Earth.

It was the year's last eclipse (and only total solar eclipse), according to Chelsea Gohd of Space.com.

It's been a month for space news. Weeks ago, NASA released the first "sound" recorded by a space craft in flight, Chron's Sonia Ramirez reported.

There was also another lunar eclipse over the United States and an impressive passing of the International Space Station over Houston earlier this month.

On Dec. 21, you can look to the skies again to see Jupiter and Saturn passing over each other to form the ultra-rare "double planet."

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