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Mini Ice Age 2015
09 Jan 2015 20:44Mini Ice Age 2015

The coming of another Ice Age is an event serious scientists have nev [ ... ]

United Monsters of America-The Location of Strange Beasts
26 Jan 2015 16:01United Monsters of America-The Location of Strange Beasts

The map, created by artist Mark Adams, reveals the imaginary beasts t [ ... ]

Giant asteroid buzzes past Earth
27 Jan 2015 18:16Giant asteroid buzzes past Earth

(Reuters) - An asteroid measuring about a third of a mile (half a kil [ ... ]

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Extreme winter weather has been causing problems for millions across the East Coast, but it has also made for some beautiful sights. Among those beautiful sights is Niagara Falls, which has now frozen over due to temperatures which dropped to 16F on Wednesday. And it looks like the popular tourist d...
A raging sandstorm has swept into Israel, Palestine and Lebanon causing the worst Israeli air pollution in years and whipping up huge waves in the Mediterranean Sea. The storm, make up of accumulated dust carried from the far reaches of the Sahara Desert in North Africa, also engulfed Cairo for a se...
Scientists say they have gained new insight into what lies at the very centre of the Earth. Research from China and the US suggests that the innermost core of our planet has another, distinct region at its centre. The team believes that the structure of the iron crystals there is different from thos...
SPOKANE, Wash. — Rainfall described as milky-colored, dusty or dirty fell across parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, with its origin is unclear. The National Weather Service received reports of the dirty rain from more than 15 cities from Hermiston, Ore., to Rathdrum, Idaho, on Friday. The weat...
The moment when a regional TransAsia passenger flight crash-landed into a river was caught on dash-camera. One of plane's wings cut through a highway railing mere meters from the filming vehicle. The ATR 72-600 was carrying 58 passengers and crew on board. It plunged into the river right after take-...

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CASTILE, N.Y. (AP) - The arctic conditions have turned a fountain at a state park in western New York into a five-story-tall "ice volcano." The pressure-fed fountain is in a pond near the Glen Iris Inn at Letchworth State Park, which straddles the Wyoming-Livingston county line 40 miles south of Rochester. Days of subzero temperatures have formed a solid cone of ice several feet thick with water still spouting out of the top. Park officials tell local media that the formation dubbed an ice volcano is at least 50 feet high.

50 Ft. Ice Volcano Forms at NY State Park

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