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Planet X news for May 2016
During a broadcast of the Mercury Transit across the sun on May 7, Slooh Observatory revealed a large glowing object next to our Sun. 

In a bombshell statement. Astronomer Paul Cox who hosts Slooh space events proclaimed that NASA is in a perpetual Planet X coverup and are concealing evidence of a second sun in our solar system.

The tail of Planet X aka the 'String of Pearls' appears on All Skycam from individual locations .

The Planet X system makes an appearance in Australia's evening sky.

Sao Vincente recent Webcam capture of Helion in the Planet X system rising from behind a hilltop,  is compared to an image captured from the same location in 2014 which shows a mystery planet peeking out from behind the clouds.

Extraordinary webcam capture of the second sun from St Louis, Mo. 


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