Massive landslide as Austrian Alps summit crumbles to the ground

Die Länge der durch den Bergsturz ausgelösten Mure betrug über zwei Kilometer. - © APA

On Sunday afternoon, at around 3:20 p.m., huge masses of rock broke off from the north-western flank of the southern Flüchthorn massif.

Impressive amounts of rubble collapsed in a loud roar. The mountain lost an amazing 100 meters or 328 feet in elevation!

The aftermath of the 11 June 2023 rock avalanche from Flüchthorn in the Austrian Alps. Image from Kronen Zeitung.

This is the result of the amjor ridge collapse

100 meters (328 feet) elevation lost in seconds

The Flüchthorn is located in the border area between Austria and Switzerland and belongs to the Silvretta, a well-known alpine region with many mountains over 3000 meters. At 3,398 meters, the southern summit of the Flughorn was the second highest peak in the Silvretta after the Piz Linard (3,410 meters).

According to first estimates, the summit is now around 100 meters lower after the landslide. A new summit cross can probably not be attached for the time being, as further collapses are imminent.

A nearby mountain, the Kleiner Piz Buin (3255 meters), is also at risk of a giant landslide. The mountain is therefore under close observation and there are discussions about relocating the normal ascending route. A nearby Alpine Club hut was closed in winter due to the high risk.