Mysterious creature spotted after 'bloodsucking' death of livestock

Mysterious creature spotted after 'bloodsucking' death of livestock

A mysterious creature has been sighted in Bolivia amid reports of dead livestock with their blood allegedly sucked dry, sparking fears that a mythical demon is rampaging through the region.

Video of the alleged mythological menace is currently blowing up online, Jam Press reported.

In the chilling drone footage, snapped near the city of Oru, a shadowy, seemingly bipedal figure can be strolling through an open field in a scene straight out of the M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi thriller “Signs.”

The mysterious sighting coincides with the deaths of several cows, llamas and alpacas in the area.

Their peculiar neck wounds led locals to believe that they’d been killed by a chupacabra, a vampiric demon from Latin American lore that imbibes the blood of livestock, hence its colloquial name “the goatsucker.”

Locals inspect dead llamas and alpacas. Jam Press

According to the cryptozoological canon, this mythical plasma pilferer boasts red eyes and stands upright like a large reptilian kangaroo.

Initially reported in Puerto Rico in 1995 following a spate of livestock deaths, chupacabra sightings have since been reported everywhere from Chile to a golf course in South Carolina — although none of these sightings have been substantiated.

Nonetheless, this latest alleged attack prompted local farmers to erect fences around their livestock to protect them from the supposed bloodsucking demon.

It’s yet unclear if authorities are investigating claims that the chupacabra drank the animals’ blood.

This follows a similar alleged incident last month, in which the chupacabra was blamed for the death of a white ram near Cancun, Mexico.

The unfortunate ungulate had been found lying on a rock on the ground with no eyes and wounds on its mouth and neck — the telltale signs of a chupacabra attack, according to locals.

Needless to say, the discovery got imaginations running wild on social media.

“It reminds me of a documentary about the explorers who disappeared and when they were found they were missing eyes and their tongue,” said one commenter.

Another remarked, “In my village, we’ve been told for years that it is a night bird that feeds on the brain mass of animals. In my village, we know it as the Xnuc.”

However, others threw cold water on the “chupacabra” theory with one deducing that the ram’s wounds were inflicted by a wild animal.

“Jaguarundis usually eat the soft parts, the eyes and the tongue,” declared the realist. “It may have been that animal or another one acting similar.”

News Source: New York Post