Fire in the Sky

Flaming Meteor over the British Isles-Mainland Europe, Crashes to Earth

Flaming Meteor over the British Isles-Mainland Europe, Crashes to Earth

The incredible green and blue flaming rock was seen scores Scotland, England and Wales, as well as parts of Mainland Europe last night and it burned in the earth's atmosphere and crashed to the ground

People across the UK reported seeing a flaming meteor light up the sky - as shocked spectators stood in awe of the spectacle.

Spectators saw the blue and green flaming rock over large parts of Scotland, as well as parts of England, and Wales.

But reports of something strange in the sky come from as far as Holland.

After shooting across the sky the meteor eventually burned up in the earth’s atmosphere before its debris crashed to the ground.

The UK Meteor Network confirmed the sightings and shared black and white images of the object on their Twitter account.

The spectacle was seen all over the UK and mainland Europe (Image: @UKMeteorNetwork/Twitter)

The UK Meteor Network - @UKMeteorNetwork - tweeted: "Large #fireball meteor spotted tonight 29 Jan 2022 at 18:48:26 UT from several UKMON cameras."

Hundreds of people responded to the tweet sharing where they had seen the incredible view, some even managed to capture the spectacle on dash cam.

Christopher Bosman tweeted: “I saw this pass by last night over Aberdeen, North East Scotland. It was very large, with a very bright white core and main tail ending in green. Absolutely incredible and breathtaking. #feelingblessed.”

Sue Bond-Taylor added: "Thank you @UKMeteorNetwork for confirming that we did indeed see a meteor tonight over Boroughbridge in Yorkshire, and I wasn't going totally mad!!"

The spectacle from space cause awe among its witnesses

“Beautiful golden ball of fire with a blue tail. What a sight! Shooting star”.