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Planet X Discovery? Mysterious 9th Planet Spotted in Solar System Data

A leading British Astronomer has suggested that an object believed to be lurking in our solar system may well be the elusive planet X, also known as Planet 9.  The announcement was made after archived evidence was unveiled at the Imperial college of London, indicating the possible presence of a mysterious planet up to 10 times bigger than Earth, with a distant orbit around the Sun.

A UK professor of astrophysics conducted a new analysis of telescopic data collected by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite back in the year 1983 which may have detected the planet without even realizing it.  In December of that year the Washington Post published a report stating that the infrared telescope had detected a heavenly body possibly as large as the planet Jupiter, and possibly as close to Earth as to be part of the solar system, was found in the direction of the Constellation Orion.

And so some 38 years after the report was first published.  The UK astronomer Michael Robinson looked through 250,000 point sources detected by the telescope, which conducted a far infrared survey of 96 percent of the sky.

Upon a thorough analysis of the data, including the planet's supposed size and distance, the satellite singled out a moving object on three occasions.  The candidate that was picked up by the telescopic survey would be up to 5 times the mass of the Earth, and its orbital distance would be some 225 times further than that of our planet, roughly 21 billion miles from our Sun.