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Sun is Erupting Non Stop, and More Gigantic Flares are Incoming-NEW Volcanic Warnings

Over the past few weeks, our star has produced a series of giant eruptions, sending electrically charged plasma particles hurtling millions of miles through space.  On Feb 15, a most spectacular CME and solar flare , erupted from the far side of the sun.  It was an extremely powerful blast of energy, most likely in the extreme category of an X class flare.

The huge eruption was not Earth-directed, but it could signal that something dramatic is on its way.  This is only the second far side disturbance of this size since September of 2017 when a coronal wave traveled past both poles, ending up as a big proton event.

According to Spaceweather live which tracks solar activity the sun has erupted every day in the month of February, with some days producing multiple flares.  This would include 3 M class flares on the 12th 14th and 15th of this month as well as 5 M class flares in the month of January.  The remaining flares that occurred in February have been of the less powerful C-Class category.