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Volcanic Eruptions May 'Escalate' Into Global Catastrophe

In recent years the thinking among researchers regarding risks posed by volcanic eruptions followed the simple equation, the bigger the eruption, the worse all things will become for humanity.  The problem with this scenario, is that although a massive eruption could pose great risks for our planet, such events are rare.

Although an event of this magnitude if it were to occur would become unimaginable, the focus, it seems should be concentrated on the domino effect of moderate eruptions that are presently happening in the most dangerous parts of our planet.  This would include clusters of active volcanoes that lie along vital infrastructure points, which if compromised, could lead to catastrophic consequences.

These vulnerable regions include Taiwan, North Africa and the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic, and the Pacific Northwest.  A minor eruption in any of these identifiable regions, could eject enough volcanic ash, and significant enough tremors, to disrupt the networks that control global supply chains and financial systems.