'Five Suns' phenomenon seen shining in the sky in N China’s Inner Mongolia!

The official cause of this insane weather phenomenon is a large number of hexagonal ice crystals floating in the sky and refracting the sun rays, thus creating a virtual image on either side of the sun.

But what about 5 suns. Are the last two another virtual image of the real sun? Or are they holograms? Where is the real sun?

End of December 2019, there was an annular solar eclipse. And during the sunrise in Qatar, the ‘ring of fire’ eclipse looked like a devil rising from the waters.

But what about the 5 suns seen in the video above? Or are they holograms? Is this strange sky phenomenon linked to the omnious Coronavirus epidemic?

What is exactly going in the sky over China actually! Nature is indeed mysterious and full of interesting phenomena.

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