UFO enthusiasts have been shocked by a bizarre video purporting to show a fleet of alien spacecraft flying over the US.

Newly-unearthed amateur footage appears to show explained lights in the skies.

The video was reportedly shot in Scottsdale, Arizona in August 2016, although the two minute-long recording is thought to have only come to light now.

Self-styled UFO authority Scott Waring took to his etdatabase blog to speculate about the trio of white shapes.

He said: “Now this is a cool sighting. The UFOs appear in the sky one by one to form a fleet.

“They probably originated from an underground alien base.”

Waring proceeds to argue the UFOs may not have a benign mission.

He said: “They rotate in a triangle formation, suggesting they have a military purpose.

“Even the US military requires its jets fly in formation with a wingman so they don’t fly alone.”

At one point the lights in the sky appear to glow before suddenly bursting away.

At this point the woman holding the camera is heard to gasp in fear.

Waring added: “This is 100 percent real and the video shows the UFOs flying in triangle formation, before shooting off in different directions.

“In one instant the UFOs burst forward while they are later seen slowly moving to the right.

“This is awesome and important footage because it shows so much in just two minutes.”

Waring also provides what he claims is a statement from eyewitness, with one alleged to have said: “Three bright lights were moving in formation.

“Then one flashed and disappeared, the blue one zoomed down fast then out of site.

“This is crazy as our jets do not move like these UFOs.”

The incredible footage swiftly attracted scores of comments on the etdatabase YouTube page, many of whom expressed scepticism about the “UFO sighting”.

Philip Edwards was less than impressed by the providence of the unattributed footage, commenting: “I was impressed at first. It was when it flew off I became a little suspicious.

“Under the lights there is a straight horizontal line which looks like the video has been tampered with.

“Looks like top and bottom has been stitched together.”

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